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Closure of Blog for Facebook group

by ray burke on 09/10/17

The blog will be closing down. As they are the posts are duplicated on the Facebook Group with more commentary and pictures (which can't be posted here), I've taken the decision to soley use the Facebook Group page to post news and threads. Please feel free to join the group. Cheers:

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1. Sarah said on 1/20/18 - 10:41PM
That's a shame I was reading this - will have to join the facebook group.
2. Sarah said on 1/20/18 - 10:43PM
Click <a href="">here</a> to go to EditBerry.
3. Ray - Author said on 1/23/18 - 04:39AM
Hi Sarah, sorry for the inconvenience. I had more of an audience on Facebook. Were you just reading the blog or the books as well. I hope you liked them, if so. And was it in professional capacity or as a reader? Feel free to join Facebook group. Cheers, Ray

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