London Film and Comic Con - 2016 Day 1 : The Starguard News

London Film and Comic Con - 2016 Day 1

by ray burke on 08/13/16

LFCC - Olympia, London - Friday July 29th 2016 Day 1

So Day 1 at LFCC and it's almost quiet. The layout has changed for the better to allow for more crowds on ground floor around the merchanise stalls. The talk and photo areas were on 1st floor with YALC on 2nd floor.

I had 40 free Starguards samples with me. I was initially told I could stand near entrance and hand them out, but a more senior organiser later came over and told me as I wasn't part of the official venue I wouldn't be allowed. But I had handed out 3/4 of them so was happy enough :-)

My first free talks attended was with the wrestlers from WWE and TNA. Colt Cabana was MC'ing and guests included Gail Kim, Hardcore Bob Holly, Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Hooooo!) and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Some great stories from back in their day about botched endings, letting the juice flow (cutting themsleves with razors to bleed), and who they would like to wrestle/manage now...

I met up with a friend and we attend a YALC talk with Holly Smale, Nat Lurtsema, Jenny McLachlan and Katy Birchall on women writing books with comedy and perhaps putting in way too many period and wee jokes!

Later, I walked around more taking picture of Michael Keaton's Batmobile, The Tumbler (Christian Bale's Batmobile) and the Dumb and Dumber van behind it! A woman in nice ST:TNG costume - but tsk tsk, nice costume, but she didn't even know her rank - two pips on collar! Suicide Costumes as worn by the actors -Rick Flagg, Katana, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Capt Boomerang, The Joker, Slipknot, Entrantress. And film cutouts of cast. And Hodor's door! (A man sees a door... and cries!)

Next was Julian Sands' free talk. An interesting man with a varied career who cares about his craft! Final free talk was Laurie Holden (X-Files and Walking Dead)

A treat was getting pictures with a Judge Dredd bike with helmet and gun. There were also original costumes as worn by actors at the back. I also got one of my pictures signed by Carlos Ezquerra – original Artist: 2000 AD.

And of course, I got plenty of pictures of myself and my book, plus with my new t-shirt.

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