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London Film and Comic Con - 2016, Day 2

by ray burke on 08/13/16

LFCC - Olympia, London - Saturday July 30th 2016 Day 2

Surprised again at the lack of a queue. Organisers have done well in opening other entrances. Last year we were queued around the houses for an hour before getting in. Much better this year!

Much more room on ground floor, but would say the 1st floor around the photo and autograph areas is a cauldron. I'm sure the BBC could map the isotherms in there! The queues for the guests are also a bit chaotic which in the heat is a sweat fest :-P
 Not sure how the guests survived, especially when no one is at their table and they looked a bit bored!

However, my day did not start well as I somehow missed my photo session with TNA Wrestler Gail Kim. I went up to her table and had a chat with her and her event assistant. They were understanding and the assistant said he was sure I could get the picture on Sunday. I had to queue for a while at an info station and was assured I could get into one of the Sunday sessions. So all was well.

I ran into a few friends from my LOTNA Sci-Fi group. A few of us visited a VR set with an app to turn mobile into VR game. Not bad. Not sure I got the hang of the app (being a 21st Century caveman and all) but it looked fun!

I passed The TARDIS console set against a green screen. This was there for the 3 Doctors on show: Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul Mcgann. I hoped to see them in free talk on Sunday!

So Saturday was my day for photoing the cozzie parade. Some great costumes abound. I grabbed a Mystique first - though I somehow managed to delete some of my early photos so was glad to track some of them down again (track not stalk!) :-) There was a George Reeve lookalike Superman with 'Punisheress' and Poison Ivy. Lots of Poison Ivys this year! Green Arrow and Rorshach were hanging out together.

Matt Murdoch and Jessica Jones turned up. Netflix characters did really well this year. A Cyberman, a warrior Gorilla from Planet of the Apes, Captain America and Doctor Strange, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 (with his huge sword). Thor and another Captain America. Blade! Deadpool - lots of Deadpools this year as well. He almost rivalled all the Spider-Men. There was a cool Predator! (Ged to de choppa!), a fine Retro Supergirl, the Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, and Wolverine and Rogue!

Then an epic battle photo scene between light and dark sides opened up: It's great when different people and groups decide to get together for a shoot like this. Happened quite and bit and almost randomly with random Jedi, Lukes, Leias, Reys, and BB8s lined up against stormtroopers, Sith and Darth Vadar. Nick Fury joined the Dark Side... then reverted back to normal SHIELD operations.

Then there was the ubiquitous Batman and Nightwing with Harley Quinn and Electra. Bane, Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine. A Batwoman, Agent Peggy Carter, Ghost Rider, and a solo Darth Vader makes his presence known. A brilliant Hawkgirl, X-23, a Winter Soldieress, The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Black Pantheress, and Ant girl.

Then 3 classic Red Shirts showed up and I managed to photo them before they met their demise!

The family that cosplays together, stays together (Father Batman, Mother Wonder Woman, daughters Wondergirl, Katana, and Robin)!

Wonder Woman, Six - from Battlestar Galactica, Tank Girl who could barely hold the weapon up, it was so heavy. She had borrowed it from another cosplayer, but it so suited her! The Lego came out to play! Lego Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

Judge Dredd and Hitgirl - what a lethal combo! Magneto. Another Wonder Woman - loads of them around too. Hellgirl, X-23, and Wolverine then another multiple with Wolverine, She-Hulk, Hellgirl, a ghost buster, Spidey, and X-23. Hawkeye, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Nick Fury, another Hawkeye, and 3 Spider-men. Another Hellboy - The dude was gutted Ron Perlman couldn't make it! The Suicide Squad - Capt Boomerang, Katana, Joker, Entrantress, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn. Supes and Green Lantern had chat before getting down to business. The Man of Steel dude had Christopher Reeves Superman look down! Great costumes. And it would be my turn tomorrow.

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