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by ray burke on 05/17/15

May 17th: So, after the positive buzz from the London Book Fair a month ago, I had been very grateful that my book had been accepted by Austin Macauley for their editorial board. After their review, they liked it a lot and stated it deserved to be published. And they offered me a nice shiny contract - a contribution-based contract! Meaning I pay £X,000.00 for the privilege of them publishing my work though they would have almost all control over it's editing and proposed marketing and publicity. Austin Macauley comes across as a 'Traditional Publisher' meaning they should take on all the costs even on untested authors (though I'm sure they do publish some books this way), but the contribution-based way is more like vanity publishing. Luckily I had decided to research all of this and found out.

I've already paid a third of what Austin Macauley wanted by self-publishing (publishing ain't cheap!) but I have control over my own work (though Createspace own the cover design and ISBN which I can change with another publisher). So why should I pay again to still be the publisher of my own work, but with less author rights?

So, it's back to the drawing board looking for traditional publishers and maybe an agent. There is the option of a professional marketing and publicity manager (Ben Cameron) and his 4-week campaign in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, and online (still £X,000 but less than AM). It's not guaranteed, but the extra exposure with an unconventional and risky campaign for a self-publisher could be a possible path to the attention of traditional publishers.

Your comments, queries and feedback most welcome...

If you've read the Starguards, how would it fare in the general melee of sci-fi?

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