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Ready for LFCC 2016 and Kickstarter news

by ray burke on 07/28/16

July 28th:

So, with the London Film and Comic Convention (LFCC) about to start tomorrow, I'll be embarking upon another voyage into geekdom. I'll be promoting my book giving out free samples, wearing the t-shirt and making new friends (or arch-enemies!).

Tomorrow, I had planned on making a vid for Kickstarter; I still might do. As some of you know, The Starguards is a hefty 750-page book. Some of you wiser ones had advised me to break it down into the 4 parts it could be. Well after years of reluctance, I have now seen the wisdom in this and have embarked upon Project Starguard - to make Book 1 into a 4-book series. But to do so would have needed more funds for printing, covers, editing/formatting, publishing, etc, hence the Kickstarter fund. I even made a practice video at work  I may share that some day!

I have decided to delay Kickstarter until next year during the London Book Fair as I need to write more for the 4 books. This wouldn't change the storyline, just add more to characters and the world around them. That's books 1-4.

Currently, Book 2 is now being divided into a 3-book series and they are in rude health. That means I could have a 7 book series out next year, rather than 2! After that there are potentially another 2-3 books from what would have been Book 3.

So I look forward to posting reports and pics for you from 3 days at the LFCC. If you're reading The Starguards, I hope you're loving it and hope you can post an honest review where you can. Cheers...

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