The Starguards have mysteriously vanished from Magna Aura, following the Lore War. Their time-travelling kin, the Astrals, have taken over the galactic stage in their stead. But they are split, their leader Lord Aeon missing, leaving the Chronopolis vulnerable to attack from within and without.

Earth 2216: On the war-battered frontline against the implaccable Axalan Empire, Base Commander Xaul Relentus and Xeno-specialist Lynn Kellis counter the Axalan superbeing threat, the Superions. With them are two young Astrals, Aristedes and Zane, searching for their father. But a desperate telepathic cry for help cuts through time altering their mission and lives.

The enigmatic alien Starfighter Machine encounters humanity. Alone it could be a second war front or help shift the balance of power in Earth's favour. And they will need it.

For when all their paths collide, the Earth-Axalan war will pale in comparison when they discover the galaxy is being destroyed. The choice is clear: Unite to save the galaxy or die to an evil force.

The Starguards - of Humans, Heroes, and Demigods is an epic sci-fi series, continuing with The Axalan Revelation, chronicling the heroic family lines throughout time and space.

*Author's note: The Axalan Revelation is a full novel re-written from Part 2 of The Starguards - Of Human, Heroes, and Demigods.