But their joy is short-lived as a hostile reception awaits them. Cirrius, King of Magna Aura, has his own agenda for Magna Aura. And the Starguards are either with him or against him.

As the Starguards grapple over Cirrius' rule, they find themselves embroiled on multiple war fronts against three enemies and no allies in sight. Will desperate counter moves by Azure and Cirrius lead to triumph or tragedy?

After leaving the enigmatic alien, Amagesh, Alpha Rion and Chalant continue their travels in the new dimension. But Chalant soon discovers the world has a tragic link to her hidden past, which could destroy her relationship with Alpha Rion. And unbeknownst to them their adventures will change the fate of Magna Aura forever.

Alone and battling through their own demons, little do the Starguards realise the end of their civilisation draws near.

The Starguards – The Celestian Odyssey is the fifth book in the Starguards saga continuing the epic story of the heroic family line.