Project Starguard – The Plan

So, here we are – back in August/September 2016, I made a decision, based on feedback and author advice to take a hard look at The Starguards. I started writing it as a teenager and finished it 30 years later, but while I had grown (kind of!), the book had remained an adolescent, mostly style and grammar wise. The result was a 760-page book with a 4-part integrated universe and time-spanning plot. It was first self-published with CreateSpace/Amazon in 2013 then with Lightning Source a couple years later. Now it's time for a new phase of The Starguards. And here's the plan:

Originally, The Starguards was to be a trilogy of 700-plus-page books, but seeing such books don't sell unless you're an established author with millions of readers, the trilogy will be split into a 10-book series.

The first series will be a quadrilogy, based on the original 4 parts of The Starguards. The overall subtitle will be - Of Humans, Heroes, and Demigods. The four books will be:

Book 1 - The Magna Aura Genesis (published March 2017)
Book 2 – The Axalan Revelation (due late 2017)
Book 3 – The Terra Chronicles (due 2018)
Book 4 – The Destinia Apocalypse (provisionally 2018)

The next series, a continuation of the stories will be The Starguards: Earth Legacy, a trilogy based on the 3-parts of the original second book. Essentially this book has already been written, but due to the redevelopment of the books will have to wait until around 2019.

Book 5 – The Celestian Odyssey
Book 6 – The Exmoor Horizon
Book 7 – This Stranger Earth (provisional title)

The original 3rd book was entitled - The Starguards: Of Time, Gods, and Universes. This trilogy (Books 8-10) will nominally end the Starguard series. Now it is subtitled: Of Infinity and Eternity. As this book is currently only around 50 pages, there is more work to do, but I have time. The best thing is that I do have an ending for the whole series so know where the series is heading.

Plus, with a thousand generations of Celestian Knight history in the Scrolls of History, not to mention the histories of other characters, there is scope for other stories and possible spin-off series. And perhaps there would be provision for book-sets and other outlets.

So that's the plan! Whether they are self-or traditionally published, The Starguards are on their way. Thanks for reading and for your support as always!