New York 2017: Earth's Superhero Age has begun! Fresh from their victory over the Lore, the Starguards have been unceremoniously stolen from Magna Aura by the time-travelling Astrals.

Their objective: defend Earth.
Their Earthly allies: the immortal Exmoors.
Their enemy: the sisterhood of the Devouts.

Whether they like it or not, the Starguards Sceptre, Altair, Urana, and Azure soon learn they are mired in a fight for their very lives. The upstart superhero E-Corps are also spoiling for a fight. And the Lore are never far away.

Crusades France: Decion and Alpha Rion face their own grave dilemma - an offer of war from the enigmatic Marquis de la Valtare which could split their loyalties. And the Astral's Chronopolis is attacked by alien time-travelling beings.

War is brewing on Earth, spilling throughout time. Treacherous kin and unknown dark forces threaten them all. The Starguards' fate is to die on Earth. Their desire is to return home. History will not stand in their way.

The Starguards - of Humans, Heroes, and Demigods is an epic sci-fi series, continuing with The Terra Chronicles, chronicling the heroic family lines throughout time and space.

*Author's note: The Terra Chronicles is a full novel re-written from Part 3 of The Starguards - Of Human, Heroes, and Demigods.